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Terms and Conditions
On www.viajeslapaloma.com suppliers have the possibility to advertise their accommodations for free on the menu – accommodation. The supplier/provider (owner or their legal representative) of the respective offer is responsible for the content of offers and compliance with the rules and regulations applicable for the publication of offers. Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. is the broker between client and service provider. The provider of the respective service is liable.

The travel agency Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. was founded in 1995 and has had an office in Valle Gran Rey ever since. Our offer comprises different services in the area of tourism. We act as a broker for accommodations, rental cars, ferry tickets, excursions, and transfers. For us it is very important to communicate with our clients responsibly and in a considerate way.

We inform our clients/guests truthfully about the state and the circumstances of the services and accommodations. With completion of the booking all circumstances are considered to be cleared adequately.

1. Travel Agency La Paloma mediates in the rental of accommodation between the owner or the owner’s legal representative and the party interested in renting the accommodation. The purpose of the rental is holiday-making for a limited period of time.

The travel agency La Paloma acts solely as an agent and performs a brokering service between the client and the respective provider. Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. is not the service provider; the service is provided by the owner/legal entity. When the client moves into the accommodation, a rental agreement between the client and the service provider / owner comes into effect. The team of La Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. will gladly help if problems occur.

2. If on a short-term basis an accommodation isn’t available due to force majeure, the personnel of Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. will try to offer an alternative accommodation similar in price, appointments and location. A compensation or refunding of the down payment will only be paid if accommodation isn’t available due to force majeure.

3. The rental price of the respective accommodation will be paid according to the owner’s wishes. With the final booking confirmation we will inform you about the agreement for the respective rental object. In general the rental price is paid by the clients/guests in cash on the first workday after their arrival either in the office of Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. in Valle Gran Rey, Edificio La Condesa, Avda. Maritima Nr. 17 or directly to the owner of the accommodation. For wire transfers Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. offers the company’s account. The client is responsible for any additional charges. As a broker of services La Paloma S.L. is authorized to collect payments for the service provider and to forward them to the service provider.

4. If a down payment or the complete payment in advance is agreed this will be offset with the rental price. In case the booking isn’t kept completely the amount of the down payment will be withheld by the landlord in full as a cancellation fee.

5. Cancellations must be made in writing via e-mail or fax to Viajes La Paloma S.L.U.

The cancellation fees are calculated as a lump-sum; a possible letting to a third person is already considered.

The down payment until 28 days before arrival, minimum Euro 80.00 Euro 150.00 until 14 days before arrival 7 days of the price when cancelling less than 14 days before arrival 100% of the price on or after the day of arrival

For bookings for some of the objects like Jardin del Conde, Hotel Gran Rey, Los Tarajales, Baja de Secreto, Apartamentos Borbalán, Gomera Lounge, La Galeria, Finca Gerardo, Casa Sola, Casa Tia Rita, Casa Vitoria, La Santa Ana, and Jardin Tecina special cancellation conditions apply. We will inform you about these on request but latest with the booking confirmation.

We charge a fee of 25.00 Euro for changes of reservation of 1-3 days of the stay. This rule only applies if the confirmed accommodation is available. Otherwise the fees for cancellation and changes of booking apply.

6. The accommodations will be ready for occupation at 4:00 pm latest on the day of arrival and have to be left well-swept by 11:00 am latest on the day of departure.

7. The contract is concluded once the client/guest has moved into the desired accommodation and the above conditions are fulfilled.

Reservation of accommodation
The team of Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. will gladly accept your requests via e-mail, fax or phone. Bookings by the clients can only be made in writing. For the booking process we send a special brokering form to the clients. In this form some personal information is requested that Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. Needs for processing the booking. Of course these data will be deleted after the departure of the client.

After the landlord has confirmed the desired booking Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. sends a booking confirmation to the client. It contains all key details about the booking and also information about the service provider, about the payment process and about the hand-over of keys.

The brokering agreement is concluded when the binding booking confirmation is sent to the client. All prices are calculated for a minimum stay of 7 nights and include the final cleaning (unless mentioned otherwise). A surcharge of EUR 25.00 is charged for every reservation for shorter stays.

Our office in La Puntilla in Valle Gran Rey is open for the public Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. Here we are at your service for further questions, personally and via phone. You’ll find the contact information on your booking confirmation. On the booking confirmation you’ll also find a mobile phone number (0034 616 …). This is our service contact (German, Spanish, English) for our guests during arrival and in case of problems occurring outside our office hours during your stay. This number is attended every day (also during weekends) from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Damages (personal injury and damage to property) are settled between the supplier (owner or owner’s legal representative) and tenant. Since travel agency La Paloma acts solely as an agent, La Paloma cannot be held liable for claims. The supplier has a claim for compensation of all damages caused by the tenant.
Extraordinary cancellation of contract
The supplier (owner or legal representative) can cancel the contract immediately if the rules and regulations of the respective house are violated. In this case the tenant does not have a claim for reimbursement of the rent paid.
Service agreed with the supplier

  • accommodation in the confirmed apartment/studio/house
  • change of towels and bed linen once a week
  • final cleaning (unless described otherwise)
Reservation of rental cars
The reservation of rental cars can only be done in writing via the internet. The clients can find the brokerage form on https://www.viajeslapaloma.com/en/carrental

In this form some personal information is requested that Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. needs for processing the booking. These data will be deleted after the departure of the client. After confirmation by the service provider, the client receives a confirmation of their reservation with all contact data of the car rental agency. The rental price will be paid directly to the car rental agency in cash or via credit card (no AMEX) when the car is handed over. Business terms of the respective rental company apply.
As for all other offers as well, Viajes La Paloma S.L.U. only acts as a broker here. The service provider is the respective car rental agency.

straight-from-the-shoulder words
Gomera is changing!
Especially Valle Gran Rey has been developing more and more into an international holiday resort. Due to increasing demand, new apartment complexes and buildings are being built all the time. Tourism related infrastructure is being extended by the building of new roads. Therefore each visitor to La Gomera ought to know that busy building activity has to be reckoned with. Though we try not to accommodate you near construction sites, new construction sites may arise within days. Therefore we can not give guarantee here.
As on the other Canary Islands, short-term detraction by outages of electricity or water may occur.Websurfing on La Gomera
Dear guests,
Many accommodations have adjusted to the trends of today and offer free WiFi! But please remember we are on a remote island. Here, you cannot expect the latest standards and the browsing speeds you might be used to at home. The average bandwidth of DSL connections is 3MB which then is distributed to all active users. The free service our accommodations offer isn’t sufficient for watching movies or downloading large files. Also there isn’t any warranty for continuous availability of the internet connection in the accommodation you rent.
So please enjoy your vacations with occasional web contacts and look forward to just “log off” once in a while.
hot-water supply
Many houses on La Gomera use solar technology for their hot-water supply. Since on La Gomera the sun shines on many days of the year, much conventional energy is saved by this.
But on days with little sun oder cloudy skies bottlenecks in the hot-water supply can occur.
website information
Viajes La Paloma makes every effort to ensure that all information and data available on the website, especially, but not limited to, prices, restrictions and dates, are up to date, complete and correct at the date of publication. Viajes La Paloma does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any information on this website, especially not the correctness of the prices. Only written agreements between the parties are legally binding.
Mietwagen Englisch

+++ Rental car from 10.04. - 10.07.23 Group A from Euro 17,00 per day +++

+++ Rental car from 10.04. - 10.07.23 Group A from Euro 17,00 per day +++

+++ Rental car from 10.04. - 10.07.23 Group A from Euro 17,00 per day +++

Mietwagen Spanisch

+++ Alquiler de coches del 10.04. - 10.07.23 Grupo A desde Euro 17,00 por día +++

+++ Alquiler de coches del 10.04. - 10.07.23 Grupo A desde Euro 17,00 por día +++

+++ Alquiler de coches del 10.04. - 10.07.23 Grupo A desde Euro 17,00 por día +++

Mietwagen Deutsch

+++ Mietwagen vom 10.04. – 10.07.23 Gruppe A ab Euro 17,00 pro Tag +++

+++ Mietwagen vom 10.04. – 10.07.23 Gruppe A ab Euro 17,00 pro Tag +++

+++ Mietwagen vom 10.04. – 10.07.23 Gruppe A ab Euro 17,00 pro Tag +++

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